Sunday, November 28, 2010


The first issue of BLEEP is the Photo Issue! That's right! Photographers that span the country, from New York to Los Angeles, are contributing photo spreads and they're going to be awesome.
Keep checking back for more details on what's coming up in this first issue!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Launch date is set!

Yes! The launch date is set for BLEEP Magazine!
January 1st!
Get ready for a new kind of magazine! No tabloid content, no filler. Just creative people sharing what they know about what they do. Photography, acting, singing, dancing, cooking, design, fashion. You name it, we've got it. We'll be posting updates and outtakes until the magazine's release!

Be sure to follow us on twitter @BLEEPmag and look for us on Facebook. Check back often!

Wanna be a part of BLEEP?! Email us and tell us why! We're always looking to expand our horizons! Wanna model? Wanna showcase your photography? Is your job creatively awesome? Join us!